We create work that is borne from our connection to our clients’ vision to advance their mission and objectives.

As architects and designers we have an ethical responsibility to solve the problem economically and efficiently.  We do this with integrity for the project and its components.  We engage our ingenuity in the process for the benefit of our client and their communities.

What We Do


We design buildings and additions to buildings by first exploring their context both current and historical.  Our approach is to simplify and reduce the major architectural elements and thereby communicate a boldness and simplicity.

Master Planning

When a project needs to be designed as a whole solution that fits together in pieces whether by funding, timing or both, we bring forward the discipline of guiding our clients through a larger picture process in order to arrive at a sensible and workable rationale on where to begin building.

Environmental Graphic Design

Our work includes visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of creating experiences that connect people to place.  We like design to communicate and be visually powerful.  We think good design is always an expression of creative strength bringing forward clear concepts expressed in beautiful form and color.


Where we differentiate our interior design from many others is in our rigorous understanding of the program of requirements and the exploration of our client’s mission and strategic plan for the space.  Through this understanding our approach emerges with a meaning that satisfies our clients — often in ways they had not imagined.


The 21st century gives an ever accelerating need to conserve our planet’s resources combined with an amazing array of new and emerging technologies that can help us better achieve that compelling goal.

Project Management

Design is a complex process.  Our method is to orchestrate a plan with our clients and the design and construction team that ensures that our clients’ goals for the quality of the project will be achieved on time and on budget.


While we clearly are a team of architects and designers creating work while focused on the future, we also inform much of this way of thinking by studying the past.  So we therefore are careful when working within an historical context to respect and be sensitive to that fabric from which our current cultures derive.